Why I Stand: Melissa Martens of FIG Weddings


“I feel a responsibility as a human being to STAND UP for what is right. Love is love, and it is time for this to change. As a wedding professional I have been witness to all types of couples. It does not matter who the individuals are in a couple- the love is the same. And everyone has a right to love the person whom they choose. That is why I Stand for marriage equality.”

Melissa Martens


Melissa Martens is a filmmaker and photographer with Fig Weddings. DJ Megan Taylor and the Owners of FIG have also posed for the Stand Up Project – see them on our Members Page.

We are happy to have her on-board for our project. See her full bio here & follow her on twitter, at @takeupreal


  1. “well, in that case I’m quite sure I will never get married then” as in [you've got to do it ylorseuf to get it done correctly kind a gir] not really true but that’s what I felt reading it. I dunno, maybe we’re just too progressive and don’t understand that everyone else want the world to stay the same as the last hundred/thousand years /bitter woman without a ring who still thinks we can change the world, maybe if we have a lot of money and wack out all those mindless tv reality shows with “winner gets a RING and a husband to take care of you”

    • “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe it.How bad does this make us look in coamorispn, particularly those of us (like me) who live in a state where it is illegal? As of last week, we’re not even a fully red state anymore, but I doubt we’ll be changing our minds anytime soon . . .In the meantime, yay for South Africa!

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