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A Testimonial from Stand Up Sponsor, Art of Imagination

We were very excited to hear this story from one of our sponsors, Deborah – Owner at Art of Imagination. Deborah was one of our first supporters – her gorgeous draping and decor set a backdrop for our videos – and as soon as we had them, we made sure her West Loop office had a static cling on her office door.

Why I Stand: Cliff Moore on Love, Hate & the Need for Acceptance

What follows is a powerful and true story shared by a fan on our Facebook Page. Although not directly pertaining to our message of marriage equality, Cliff’s story speaks to a greater message of love & acceptance that is important to share. Published with permission. A skinhead until 10 years ago, I was the epitome of walking, talking hatred. Hatred of everything, politics, government,

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Why I Stand: Ingrid Bonne-Goggins on Love & Marriage

“We celebrated two years this past April, and I’m not gonna lie, marriage is hard work. It really is. Especially when you have two people like ourselves, who spent most of our lives single and not sure we were ever going to be married, or let alone interested in it. But as with anything that is hard work, the benefits are SO rewarding!”  

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Why I Stand: Melissa Martens of FIG Weddings

“I feel a responsibility as a human being to STAND UP for what is right. Love is love, and it is time for this to change. As a wedding professional I have been witness to all types of couples. It does not matter who the individuals are in a couple- the love is the same. And everyone has a right to love the person

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