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Co-Founder of STAND UP, Anthony Navarro, Talks about Same-Sex Marriage on the David Rothstein Show

Recently, Anthony Navarro, Co-Founder of STAND UP, was asked to be a part of the David Rothstein Blog Talk Radio Show.  Anthony was honored to be a part of this great blog radio show and also support fellow STAND UP member and sponsor, David Rothstein Music! David and Anthony spent an hour or so talking about the current issues on marriage equality and what

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The Wedding Project, Episode 3 -We’re Calling It A Wedding

Episode 3: We’re Calling it a Wedding! Follow Ashley and Erin all the way to the alter in this candid, multi-part series as they share their thoughts about marriage, and why it is so important for them. In this episode they discuss what they are calling their union. A civil union or a wedding? Also, we asked if they registered for toasting flutes. See

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American Apparel STANDS UP for Marriage Equality

In 2009, American Apparel put its “Legalize Gay” t-shirt in storefront windows in Washinton, D.C. When a group of anti-LGBT vandals broke the store’s windows, the company didn’t back down, but rather agreed to send shirts to any group in D.C. that was fighting for gay rights.

OREO STANDS UP for Marriage Equality

In June 2012, Oreo posted a photo of a rainbow sextuple-stacked cookie to its Facebook page in honor of Pride month. While the responses were mostly positive, some commenters were outraged, even calling for a boycott of the product. Still, Basil Maglaris, Kraft’s associate director of corporate affairs, said that the positive comments on the post “far outweighed” the negative ones.