New STAND UP Sponsor, Century Pens


STAND UP is proud to announce another sponsor this week, Century Pens!

CENTURY PENS Chicago’s only downtown Fine Pen Shop is 1300 square feet of marble and glass retail perfection.
Within it’s “jewel box” walls you will find custom cases filled with pens from over 30 companies and representing every
corner of the globe. With 31 years years of retail pen knowledge we’ll help you find that perfect gift for that special
person, or the best gift of all–one for yourself. After visiting CENTURY PENS you’ll see why our longtime clients vote
us #1 in customer satisfaction, and the top Pen Shop in the Midwest.

Century Pens opened November 1st 2006 and is the only Pen Shop in Chicago’s downtown. Ed Hamilton, the owner has opened 7 Pen Shops in Chicago over the past 30 years. Two of the shops were owned by Ed, and five of the shops he opened for others. He has been in the pen business for so many years, many of his regular customers simply call him Mr. Pen.

To learn more about Century Pens, visit their website at

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