Chicago Wedding Professionals Say “I STAND”

Chicago Wedding Professionals Say “I STAND”

Over 100 Chicago Wedding Professionals have come together to voice their support for marriage equality.
Filmed at various small business locations in the city by the STAND UP for Equality creative team.

Keep an eye out for future STAND UP video projects, there is more to come!



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  1. Renee – Simply amazing! I can not put into words the eoomitn Mary Kathryn’s Dad and I have felt tonight looking at your pictures. Stephanie, you, Amy and Penny recreated the week, that we simply from exhaustion could not remember the details. If you could have seen the tears streaming down Ted’s face tonight, you would have known you caught thousands of moments that day. Thank you for being the artist you are and for sharing your talent with the Schneider’s and Crigler’s. We totally knew you could do it and you did! You have a God given talent for capturing the moments that mean the most to everyone! Renee

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