Chicago Real Estate Professionals STAND UP for Marriage Equality

Stand Up Real Esatte

Earlier this year, STAND UP for Marriage Equality had put the word out to the Chicago Real Estate Community asking for their help to show their support for equality.  As in previous photo and video shoots, we had a rush of professionals come to Loft on Lake and have the STAND UP team work with them to create the first ever video of Real Estate Professionals show case their support for marriage equality.

Unlike previous videos, we took a new approach.  As you can see, we featured fewer individuals and spent more time talking with them on what it means to them to STAND UP for marriage equality with the work that they do.

You can feel the intimacy and the passion to serve communities and all people.

To learn more about the Real Estate Pro’s who have participated in this project, visit their profiles on our website here.

If you would like to join STAND UP, visit our website and become a member today!

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